years 2000-2003

• The production was started from the collaboration with Italian manufacturer of machines and equipment for beauty salons, spa and gyms. The main products were the solarium tanning machine casings (capsules, beds) Vacu, steam capsules, treadmills’ casings, etc.

• car body parts - bumpers, spoilers, etc.

years 2004-2005

• The first order for manufacturing CTR sanitary cabins including moulds for the rail industry

• the beginning of  the production of sanitary cabins  along with various equipment elements for the shipbuilding industry in the quantity of 5200 pieces for 5 different passenger ships

years 2006-2007

• further development of the company and the production of sanitary cabins in the amount of 8640 pieces for 9 passenger ships

• a new order for manufacturing casing elements for ambulances

• manufacturing elements and parts of equipment for railway cars and CTR cabins for the Italian customer

• production of the whole series of new moulds  for future constructions

years 2008-2009

• continued collaboration with the leading recipient of sanitary cabins. In these years we produced a record number of 13,000 cabins and about 9,000 equipment elements such as sinks, bathtubs, cabinets, etc. for the next 10 passenger ships

years 2010-2011

• orders for 2,500 cabins and equipment elements  for the next four constructions of passenger ships• new contract for the execution of several large-scale reservoirs (... ... m3)

• commencement of a new production of sanitary wares (bathtubs, shower trays) for the building industry